Marcus Leonas Harvey

The Proposal 2024

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So, I recently got the chance to dive into the world of lighting design for this cool one-act play called “The Proposal” by Anton Chekhov. We had to figure out how to light up this tiny space with next to no budget and a handful of fixtures. But we made it work.

We kept the lighting pretty simple. We wanted to add some colour, so we borrowed 2 Showtec Slim Pars and put them behind the curtain. Looking back, we realised that they may have been a bit overboard. The rest of the lights were Par 16 (birdies) with barn doors and no gel. Here was the plot:

The Proposal Lighting Plot

(I’ve recently found another software for making lighting plots called LXFree which works better than Capture.)

On the tech side, we had a DreyTek router to create our private network so we could use network cues. We used QLab for the few sound effects we had, and ETC Nomad to control the lights.

And let me give a shoutout to the awesome team I got to work with:

  • Gareth Chaney-Brownbill as Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov,
  • hoebe Long as Natalya Stepanovna
  • Steve Mills as Stephan Stepanovitch Chubukov
  • and Richard John Harvey, who stepped in for Steve at the last minute whilst also being the director.

Seriously, couldn’t have pulled it off without these guys. We may have been faced with some unexpected twists, but we rolled with the punches and turned Chekhov’s words into something truly special.